Light to Dark

By Haley, age 16, and her Teacher

The sun greets “hello”—

she kisses the Earth with magnificence and grace

and illuminates her rays on life below.

Like a visual alarm clock to start the day,

nature slowly awakens

and animals rise from where they lay.

The sun waves goodbye—

she paints the sky for her departure

but assures the land she will never die.

Yellow, orange, and red spread like fire,

a flaming delicacy above the brisk air,

and although bewitching and hypnotizing, she is not dire.

The moon gleams “hi”—

he casts his radiance in the gloom

and billions of stars scintillate in the sky.

Nocturnal wildlife get to work

fully rested and prepared for what is to come,

the night is the perfect place to lurk.

light-to-dark001[First Place Mixed Media (Poem & Photo), Sense of Wonder]

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